Reading Tarot at Valhalla Renaissance Faire

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The Tarot-To-Go crew (me, Rose Red, Andrew, and Artemis J) were scheduled to read at the Valhalla Renaissance Faire in South Lake Tahoe the first two weekends of June.  This is a wonderful event for us – reading Tarot in one of the most beautiful places on earth, having fun, and making money!  Really, what more could one want?

The faire – and our booth – had good crowds both weekends.  The weather was perfect (okay, it was really cold at night, but we stayed at a local hotel, so we stayed warm!), the crowds receptive, and we did some greart readings.

I did a reading for two young women (probably around 15 years old) who wanted to know if they’d be BFF. I’ve spent enough time trying to explain the internet to my grandmother that even I knew that means “best friends forever”.  I explained that the cards had so much more to offer than just yes/no answers, and suggested we look at how their friendship would grow as they grew.  Marcy started with a cup and ended with a wand; Kelly started with a wand and ended with a cup; and they both had a major in the middle.  My interpretation was that they had complementary strengths and skills, and common interests, which provided a strong foundation for their friendship.  I also told them it seemed to me that the cards were suggesting that as they each grew and changed, they would experience personal transformations which would allow them to better understand each other and add richness to their friendship.  They seemed very pleased, and wandered off, arm in arm, to see what further adventures awaited them in the day.

I received a follow up visit from a client who’d had a reading last year and who was not happy with the outcome – she had received the Hanged Man as the outcome card, and was terrifically distraught that there wasn’t a quick, easy answer.  She came back this year to tell me that the cards had been right, even though she hadn’t wanted to hear it – that, a year ago, there really wan’t anything for her to do but wait until the situation changed.  The situation has changed, and while it’s not ideal, it’s changed sufficiently that she has been able to action to create further improvement.

The other reading that stood out for me was one for a man who was wondering about his love life (his phrasing, not mine!).  The cards turned up a lot of masculine energy – Kings and Knights, swords and aces all over the place – and no feminine energy. Not a Queen or cup to be seen.  My suggestion to him was to consider what was creating this resistance to feminine energy – after all, if you want to attract a woman into your life, you have to be receptive to feminine energy – and to be honest with himself whether now was really the time to be looking for a relationship, or if he needed to do some work to clarify what he really needs at the moment.  He then acknowledged that he’d just come out of a bad relationship, which in turn had been a rebound from a messy divorce, and that maybe his brain was running ahead of the rest of him in looking for a new relationship.

All in all, it was a pleasant and successful (both artistically and financially) event, and well worth the time!

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