Bindrune for Prosperity

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If you are new to working with bindrunes, I suggest you read the introductory bindrune post here, then return to this post to read about this specific bindrune.

Our first bindrune will be one to attract prosperity. Even though some industries are running hot and the companies in those fields are doing well, the rising tide has not raised all boats. This bindrune can help focus your energies to attract and maintain financial security.

Fehu, Berkana, Othala


The runes in this bindrune are:

Fehu (blue): A sign of wealth, possessions, tangible property. Whatever you have at present–even if it’s just one dollar–is a start. What you have will attract more of the same.

Othala (brown): This is seen as inherited wealth, that which we receive from our forebears. Even if you aren’t heir to a monetary fortune, you have inherited much from  your ancestors–your body, your world view, your very being and core self, from which you draw to create your life. Your hamingja, all that is truly yours by way of inheritance.

Berkana (green): The rune of the birch tree brings growth to what you already have. Berkana can also represent new opportunities for creating wealth, and new possibilities for improvement of a situation that feels stuck or hopeless.

You can add a drop of essential oil to strengthen the magic–cinnamon is good for prosperity work. You could also use a hoodoo oil, such as Money Drawing, if you work with those oils.

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