Draw for February 10, 2016

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Draw February 10 2016 Mjol Sol Nidhogg

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Mjol/Eight of Wands; Sol; Nidhogg/Strength.

Mjol moves from yesterday’s Hidden Influence to today’s Active Influence. If you have any unfinished business from yesterday, make dealing with that your first priority, because today is going to be just as demanding.

Nidhogg tells you that you have the strength to deal with everything, but you also have some deferred maintenance to catch up on. In the tech world, the term “technical debt” refers to the accumulated upgrades and maintenance that should have been done, but was put off for various reasons (timing, lack of staff, hassle factor). The problem with allowing technical debt to accumulate is that one day, out of the blue, your system will stop working. Think about where in your life this concept applies–do you have material clutter to clear, or repairs to make? Do you have emotional, psychological, or spiritual housecleaning that needs to be done? Whatever it is, Nidhogg insists you take care of it today. However difficult and unpleasant it may be, it’s nowhere near as bad as the mess you will have to clean up if you continue to defer these tasks and things grind to a halt until you deal with them.

Sol brings the light you need to see what you are doing, the warmth to start you moving, and the healing energy you need to do the inner work today requires. Even if today is filled with external demands, your internal state requires attention and healing, just as much as changing the oil on your car, taking your shoes to the cobbler, or clearing your email. Tap into this energy to keep you going, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the end of the day to find how much improvement you’ve been able to make on several levels.

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