FTC Statement for TarotPathways.com

We post product reviews and announcements among our other articles here at TarotPathways.com. In the interests of fairness and full disclosure, here’s what we do and where things come from:

I’m Anastasia Haysler, principal blogger on TarotPathways.com.  I’m also the President and owner of Tarot Media Company and Tarot-To-Go. I post about products, events, and activities related to each company, and the opinions are my personal opinions, not my corporate opinions.  For information about the companies and to read about our corporate identities, you can visit each company’s website.

Products I review which are carried by Tarot Media Company are sample copies we receive from the creators, or are the prototypes Tarot Media Company creates as it develops the product.  The review specifically states that Tarot Media Company carries and/or produces the item.

Products I review which are not carried or created by Tarot Media Company are either review copies sent to me by the publisher / creator, or copies which I have purchased.  The review will indicate the source – for example, if I’m reviewing something I purchased, I’ll mention something like “I was browsing at Fields Books and found this item.”  If the item is a review copy, I state that as well – for example, “Our friends at Weiser sent me this book”. I am on the reviewer list for Weiser Books and receive books from them throughout the year.

Our podcast guests are authors, artists, scholars, and creators who we as the podcast panel feel are doing interesting,  unusual, and creative work with Tarot, divination, and metaphysical topics in general.  Some of them also have works and/or events produced by Tarot Media Company and/or Tarot-To-Go, which we mention during the podcast.

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