2011, Year of the Emperor – New from James Wells

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We at Tarot Media Company are thrilled to present the newest writing from James Wells!  2011 is the Year of the Emperor, and James has prepared a fantastic guide to working with the coming year’s Emperor energies. How might we see the Emperor’s presence in our world? How might you notice his influence in your own life? What might you do with these energies?

This booklet offers guidance for the Emperor year, partnering with the archetypal energies as symbolized by the Tarot cards, thereby aligning ourselves with Life’s rhythms and with the wisdom of the Emperor aspect of our own souls.
Emperor 2011 - James Wells
Each month’s pages also provide things to look for, suggested activities for alignment, and questions for reflection, from the specific lens of that month’s card. It’s as though the Emperor puts on a different costume each month or that his actions take on different adverbs as the months unfold.

This month-by-month guide will help you to discover and embody Emperor concepts in 2011, and is being distributed exclusively by Tarot Media Company!

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