Now Offering Private Readings by Appointment!

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We’re delighted that we can now offer private appointments at our new reading space in San Francisco! We’ve set up a cozy, comfortable space in which to perform 30, 60, and 90 minute readings. We’d love to read for you – you can contact us to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our readers are […]

Attention: Spam Commenters

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I have health insurance, so I don’t need to buy medications online. I have a friend who owns an adult business, so if I require such goods, I can purchase them from his company. All comments for this blog require approval before posting, even if you register as a member, so it really doesn’t do […]

Tarot Pathways/Tarot-To-Go/Tarot Media Company – All on Twitter!

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We’ve been so busy with the Secret Project, I completely forgot to mention that you can find us on Twitter! Look for the following user names: TarotPathways – our Tarot Pathways blog; TarotToGo – the Tarot-To-Go feed; TarotMediaCo – and, of course, Tarot Media Company. Two of us have personal accounts: AnastasiaTarot – my personal […]

Ssssh! It’s a Secret

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We’ve received some comments/emails asking where we’ve been the last few weeks – no posts, no new blog entries, and only one podcast.  Harumph! It’s not that we don’t love you. Really.  We’ve been terrifically busy since the fabulous weekend Voyager Readers Intensive with James Wanless, which we’ll blog about in the very near future, […]

New Sites to Find our Podcast!

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We’re expanding our podcast distribution realm, and have added our podcast to Podcast Alley and to Podcast Zoom, and PodFeed! Check them out at: My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-e5eafc0d0270830a0c1412efdf4ab1b0} PodcastZoom directory PodFeed You can ignore the funny part in brackets – it’s to verify to Podcast Alley that our site really exists. Just click the […]

Admin Note: Article Attributions

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Since all four of us have started blogging regularly, I’ve started to add article attributions in the title of each post. Yes, the name of the author appears in tiny type under the article title, but this way you can see the authors’ names more easily as you scan the page. You can always pull […]

Podcast Gremlins

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I’ve received a report of listeners having trouble accessing a few of the earlier podcasts (#4, #5, and #6), and someone else reported a problem with the most recent one.  Rest assured we are working with our hosting service to resolve the issues so you can enjoy the podcasts whenever and wherever you choose!

Happy New Year!

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Happy 2008 to everyone from Tarot Pathways! We wish each of you a joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling year!

Podcast Migration Complete!

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Well, that was more fun than a bucket of banana slugs! The Great Podcast Migration of 2007 is finished, however, and you can now find the current podcast on the Podcast page, which also has a link to all of the podcasts on the Podcast Library page. Now, time to work on the newest podcast, […]

Podcast Migration

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Things might be a bit slow this week – I’m in the process of migrating the past episodes of the Tarot-To-Go podcast to the Tarot Pathways site, and it’s taking a while – you know all those cool links with each podcast that take you to the pages of the books and things we talk […]