And Now, A Word from Rachel Pollack

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I sent the wise and wonderful Rachel Pollack a copy of my new book, Painting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladini

Painting the Soul

And the Godmother of Tarot returned these kind and lovely words:

“In this beautifully produced full-color book, David Palladini and Anastasia Haysler open the door–or rather 156 doors–into the elegant yet deeply meaningful world of Palladini’s two great decks, The Aquarian and The New Palladini.  In some ways, what is most remarkable about these two works is the nearly thirty years between them. Rarely does an artist allow a work to stand, to find its own way in the world–as The Aquarian certainly has done, being continuously in print for over forty years–and then return to the themes in a new work, a new vision, later in life.  By setting each card side by side with its counterpart, and giving a full page to each, the book allows us to immerse ourselves in David Palladini’s visions and what amounts to a dialogue between them.  For each card, the artist speaks of the image and its essence, its core meaning as he understands it.  Then, Anastasia Haysler’s clear and accessible interpretations of each card, in each deck, not only set the cards alongside each other but also in the context of Tarot tradition.  There is no long introduction about the history of Tarot, no set of instructions on how to do readings.  Instead, the book devotes itself, just as it should, to the art and soul of these two remarkable Tarot decks.”

~ Rachel G. Pollack, Co-creator of The Burning Serpent Oracle, and author of The Child Eater: A Novel

I can die happy now. My life is complete.

The book is available to order on the Tarot Media Company website!

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot App – A Thing of Beauty

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Did you miss out on the limited run of the eerily beautiful Bohemian Gothic Tarot from Magical Realist Press? Have you spent the years since wandering the halls of your castle, late at night, weeping and wailing at the cruelty of Fate?

Weep and wander no more, dear friend! Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov have teamed with Oceanhouse Media and released the Bohemian Gothic Tarot app for iOS and Android!

Bohemian Gothic Tarot App Icon

The app resides on my iPhone 4G and on my iPad 2. (Yes, I really need to replace my phone, but September is sooo close – I just need my phone to stay working a little while longer!)

Back to the app. It is stunningly gorgeous, as one expects from everything done by Magical Realist. The frames and settings for the cards fit the mood and theme of the deck perfectly, and are amazing art all by themselves.

The app itself is easy to use, with clear menu choices and uncluttered navigation. Card selection is done by scrolling through a carousel of the cards and tapping the center card. The spread itself is shown with grey boxes at the bottom of the screen. Each box turns white when you read the corresponding card.

You can use the spread diagram to navigate the carousel of selected cards, but you have to tap on the card in the carousel to view the card; tapping the corresponding box in the layout doesn’t pull up the card, which took several readings before it became a natural gesture.

Spreads can be saved and/or emailed to share or create an archive.

There are six pre-set spreads, and no free-form spread option. You can, of course, use the pre-set spread and assign your own meanings to the positions. The app does not do reversals, which is covered with great eloquence in the section titled “The Structure of This App” and provides an excellent overview of working with dark decks.

The app contains an incredible amount of background information on the deck, Tarot history, and working with the cards. A sharply clever summary from Dan Pelletier rounds out the “Information” section; read that, if nothing else, before working with the app.

The app has a whooshing audio effect that plays when a card is turned over. This effect can be turned off. Note that if you work with this sound effect on, the app will disable any other audio you have going in the background when you turn the first card.

As well as including material from the book for the card meanings, the creators have added a section called “Some further ways to consider this card” which are a helpful way to move beyond the key words and basic narrative of the card. As the text explains: “These cards invite us to step beyond the meanings and associations that we usually apply and delve deeper to, perhaps, uncover events and emotions that we find harder to confront.”

I’ve tried a lot of Tarot apps, and deleted most of them. This beauty, however, has a permanent home on my iPad.

To get you in the mood for the app, check out this beautiful video from Magical Realist, which shows off the deck – and Prague – at its intriguing and seductive best.


My New Book! Painting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladni

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My not-so-secret project for the last two years is now complete! My newest book is Painting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladini, featuring all 78 cards form his Aquarian Tarot and New Palladini Tarot, both published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. In this book, David reveals his ideas and inspirations for the cards, sharing his love of art and Tarot. I delve into the card meanings, providing insight into the colors, symbols, and messages in Palladini’s beautiful images.

Painting the Soul

We have been graced with positive words from Mary K. Greer and Lon Milo DuQuette!

“I have been enamored with David Palladini’s art since I first saw his paper company promo cards (I worked in a print shop) and later his first deck (an enlargement of his Justice card still graces my walls). To now read the stories of the Aquarian and New Palladini Tarot decks has been an utter delight. This is an essential work for adding depth to your readings and for appreciating the huge effect the Aquarian Tarot had on Tarot in the later 20th century. Furthermore, you will get a rare look into the growth and development of a masterful artist.”

~ Mary K. Greer, author of Who Are You in the Tarot?; 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card; and Tarot for Yourself



“Painting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladini is profound and breathtaking peek into mind and soul of a true spiritual artist… a work of art in-and-of itself.”

~Lon Milo DuQuette, Author of The Tarot of Ceremonial Magick; Enochian Vision Magick; and The Book Of Ordinary Oracles

The book is available to order on the Tarot Media Company website!

Champagne all around!



Tarot Journey for March 8, 2014: Empress, Hanged Man, and The World

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For the Tarot Journeys in 2014, we’ll be taking a numerological tour of the Tarot. On March 8, we’ll look at all of the cards that are Threes – Empress, Hanged Man, and the World, as well as the Minor Arcana Threes. What does their numerological link say to us in a reading? What other connections do these cards have? How can we work with the energy of the Threes to deepen our readings?

Bring your cards, notebook and pen, and your ideas on trinity!

The workshop features discussions, practical exercises, and direct, personal exploration of the cards.

Each class runs from 1:00 — 4:30 pm, held at the Mission Alchemy Event Space.

Due to space considerations, we request that you preregister for the class on the Tarot Media Company site.

See you in March!


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