Draw for November 3, 2015

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Draw Nov 3 2015 Bergelmir Isa Angrboda

The Giant’s Tarot, Raven Kaldera


Today’s Draw: Bergelmir/Six of Swords; Isa; Angrboda/The High Priestess.

Fire meets ice. Ice melts, the land floods. You must get into the boat and go. Remaining is not an option, unless, of course, your desire is to drown in the flood. But that’s not what you’re here to do, so get into the boat.

It’s a small boat, and others need to fit into it, too. You can bring just yourself, and a few small things. Time to make some serious choices about what is important to carry with you. Hint: less than you think. Yes, the rest will be swallowed by the flood waters, and you will have to re-create and rebuild once you reach land. That’s how floods work, and you can’t argue with a flood.

You may have to take responsibilities that you don’t think are yours, as Bergelmir rescued Ask and Embla, who the Aesir had created, and then left to the their own devices when the waters began to rise. Do your best, do what you can, but keep your focus on your responsibilities to your own life. Bergelmir did what He could to help the humans, without compromising what He needed to do for His own people.

Angrboda as the Hidden Influence gives you the strength and wisdom to make good decisions and take appropriate action. She is all about practical application of wisdom and magic, putting them to use in the material world to make things happen. No nonsense, no fluffy-bunny-rainbow-woo energy here. This is deep wisdom, body and soul, and you must heed it and take action.

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