Draw for January 6, 2016

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Draw Jan 6 2016 Loki Ac Bolthorn

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Loki/The Magician; Ac; Bolthorn/Two of Wands.

You know the day is going to be interesting when Loki is in the Active Influence position. And now that you know, you can prepare for it. Ask Loki to inspire you with His cleverness, His quickness, His eloquence. And be sure to thank Him for his gifts.

As the Magician, you have the tools you need. You may have the skills to use them, or today may be the time for you to learn how to work with them. Either way, today is a good day to pull out all the stops and be your best and most charming self.

Bolthorn brings in fiery wand energy to feed into  your work, and your workings. Bolthorn also pricks and prods  you to action–there is no taking it easy, or taking the day off. There is something you must do, and you must do it.

Ac is the rune of the oak tree, and is often associated with Angrboda, the giantess who was Chief of Chiefs of the Nine Clans of the Iron Wood, and Chief of the Wolf Clan. She was also Loki’s first wife, and mother of Hela, Jormundgand, and Fenris, with Loki as Their father. Angrboda is the powerful shaman, the magical embodiment of female vitality, and also a fierce warrior. Feel Angrboda’s energy in your veins, your muscles, your heart, giving you the strength to do the magical work today requires.

Much power is flowing today; use it wisely, and use it well.

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