Draw for February 4, 2016

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Draw Feb 4 2016 Fenris Sowelu Jormundgand

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Fenris/The Devil; Sowelu; Jormundgand/The World.

Sowelu brings the light and healing energy of the sun to this reading, where it’s very much needed.

Fenris requires you to look into the dark, to see clearly what is there, however terrified you may be to take that look. As the Active Influence today, Fenris must be dealt with. Sowelu gives you the light to see in the darkness, and the healing energy and vitality to tend to your demons with love. Even if you can’t release them (yet, or ever), you can love them. And you must love them if you are to heal them, and thus yourself.

Jormundgand as the Hidden Influence urges you towards completion. Whatever remains undone, today is the day to finish it. Make your to do list, then work the list. Focus and steady effort will see strong results. Set healthy boundaries for yourself and with yourself. Take breaks for food, water, stretching, etc.–you may have a lot to do, but the first priority is to make sure you’re in shape to do the work.

Look at family issues today–they may be playing more of a role than you realize. Fenris and Jormundgand are siblings, the children of Loki and Angrboda. Sowelu is sometimes associated with Loki, and sometimes with Farbauti, Loki’s father. With all of these family connections, a look at your own family ties may prove enlightening.

Turn on the light, and see what is to be seen.

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