Podcast #25: Emily Carding and The Transparent Tarot

Podcast #25 is hosted by Anastasia and Rose Red (Andrew was studying for mid-terms, and Artemis J. was once again having a case of real life), calling quite long distance to chat up Emily Carding about her amazing, beautiful, and unique Transparent Tarot, published by Schiffer Books.  In our opinion, it’s the one “must own” deck we’ve seen this year (and there’s been no shortage of new decks!).  Click here to listen!

In this episode:

Emily Carding / UK Tarot Conference / Transparent Tarot / Schiffer Books / Tarot of the Sidhe / Wheel of Change / Alexandra Genetti / Geraldine Beskin / Atlantis Bookshop / Rachel Pollack / Sir Paul McCartney / Heather Mills / James Wanless / 21st Century Tarot DVD / Tarot Media Company / Voyager Tarot