A Good Use of Internet Time

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How often do you read an online article, lured by the promise of an interesting title, only to reach the end and think “Hey, I want my time back!”? Not a danger when one is perusing Aeclectic Tarot! If you haven’t read Bonnie Cehovet‘s series of interviews with Women in Tarot, featuring interviews with Mary K. Greer, Valerie Sim, Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, Rachel Pollack, and Sandra A. Thomson, you might want to make the time. Cehovet made good use of her time with each of these amazing authors, and the resulting conversations – transcribed verbatim – are some of the best online Tarot material I’ve read in months. Each author has her own perspective, opinions, and wisdom to share on Tarot, and you can learn more reading these five articles than you can learn from several books. Cehovet also hosts a Tarot podcast which you can find on her website.

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