Tarot for Travel Anxieties

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A friend of mine is facing a trip to visit her rather difficult family – during Mercury Retrograde. She asked me if I had any thoughts about using Tarot to help her deal with it. I came up with the following spread:

          3          1
          2          4

With the cards face up, pull the following:
1. One card that represents your hopes about the trip (easy travel, nice time with your brother, etc.).
2. One card that represents your fears about the trip (being stuck overnight in the airport in Duluth, for example).

With the cards face down:
3. Shuffle the deck, thinking about how to overcome your fears. Pull a card – it will tell you ways to deal with them.
4. Shuffle the deck again, thinking about how to realize your hopes. Pull a card – it will tell you how to do that.
5. huffle the deck one more time, thinking about one thing you can do to take care of yourself *right now*. Pull a card, and do what it tells you.

Next time you’re facing anxiety about a trip, try this and let me know what you think!

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