Wheel of Change Tarot by Alessandra Genetti

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Wheel of Change Tarot by Alessandra Genetti   The Wheel of Change Tarot by Alessandra Genetti is amazing. Breathtaking. Astonishing. No, really. It is. It’s an RWS-based deck, with Alessandra’s gorgeous artwork and creative interpretations of the cards, the deck is visually and emotionally compelling. Everyone I’ve ever read for with this deck has fallen in love with it at first sight, and, if they’re into Tarot at all, has raced home to order their own copy.

Alessandra is one of the most energetic, alive people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She’s awake, aware, and so very in tune with her environment, and that all comes through in the beauty and realness of the cards. So it’s not realistic that a young woman would actually be riding a lioness (the Strength card, a glorious image), but Alessandra makes it *real* with her attention to detail, and her ability to imbue the images with movement and life, and with her attention to the smallest details in all of the images.

The Devil card is a vibrant, almost hallucinogenic, mix of colors and shapes, which perfectly captures the energy and the feeling of the Devil card. It’s so much color, shape, movement – so intense – overwhelming and inspiring – a visual encapsulation of the Devil energy, and one that reframes the Devil card and its role as an archetype in a meaningful and useful way.

Some decks don’t maintain the same level of artistry with the minors, but that’s not the case with this deck. The Ten of Swords card is the best one I have ever seen, and one of the best Tarot cards I have ever seen, period. The symbolism is complete and perfect, not one bit overdone, not one thing out of place. The moon in the center of the card glows, casting its light and illuminating what needs to be seen. Even if someone has never had a Tarot reading, and knows nothing about Tarot, they cannot fail to be moved and to perceive the truths in this card simply by looking at it.

All of the cards in the deck have Alessandra’s incredible artwork, astonishing colors, and balance, creating one of the most visually perfect decks I’ve ever worked with. Each image captures the archetype, the feeling, the energy, of each card in a complete, but not finite, way. The layers of images and the fabulous level of detail in the cards provide conscious points of focus and unconscious suggestions to keep them new and fresh, reading after reading.

This deck is a fabulous, easily read, and yet very rich deck, visually and symbolically. Alessandra’s take on Tarot will show you new ways to think about the cards, and about reading Tarot. The Wheel of Change Tarot will change you, and your readings, for good – and for the better!

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