It’s About Tarot

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A reminder to everyone who seems to be laboring under the delusion that the Tarot community is about getting even, settling scores, or proving that you’re smarter, funnier, or whatever-er than anyone else.

It’s not about you.

It’s about Tarot.

It’s not about who you like, or dislike, or despise with a white-hot passion.

It’s about Tarot.

It’s not about who did or didn’t sit next to you at the conference, or who did or didn’t buy you a drink, or who did or didn’t take the last cookie off the tea tray at the workshop eight years ago.

If you don’t like someone, don’t deal with them.

If you must deal with them, be polite, be civil. No one’s asking you to date them, adopt them, or do their laundry.

It’s about Tarot.

It’s not about which social media you use, or which chat pages you hang out on, or whether you are a solo reader or have millions of followers.

It’s about Tarot.

It’s not about which organization you belong to, or which organization you boycott, or which organizations you run, used to run, were run out of, or have run from.

If you don’t like an organization, don’t join it. If you’re in one you don’t like, don’t renew your membership.  Resign if you must, with courtesy, and in private.

It’s about Tarot.

It’s not about who did what when, or whether it was done intentionally or accidentally, or who said what to whom that was taken out of context and created an online excommunication.

It’s about Tarot.

It’s about this beautiful collection of artistic images, bundled together in packs of 22, or 78, or whatever number the artist was inspired to create.

It’s about this amazing assemblage of history, philosophy, symbolism, spirit, and imagination captured in the small pieces of paper we treasure.

It’s about making our own discoveries with the cards, sharing them with others, and listening with respect to others’ experiences, interpretations, and ideas.

It’s about playing with, working with, enjoying, and indulging in the creative abundance and occasional excess of archetypal ecstasy.

It’s about sharing the joy, the grace, the wisdom, the peace, and the glory that these images bring into our lives.

It’s not about you.

It’s about Tarot.

Enough with the whining, sniping, griping, infighting, backbiting, blaming, shaming, and flaming.

Enough with the name calling, the not-so-private asides, the petty politics and personal attacks that would cause a 13-year-old bully to blush.

Tarot is bigger than that.

Tarot is better than that.

As people who claim to love Tarot, shouldn’t we be, too?

3 Responses to “It’s About Tarot”


    It is about Tarot. It is why we do what we do and we love Tarot.

    So what if Mary Sue joins your Association or not. Are you having fun and gaining insight into Tarot? Cool! It is about those 78 images on the card stock.

    Thanks for the reminder. I know some days I need it just as much as the next person.

  2. Anastasia, beautifully put.


  3. When you love the Tarot, that burning passion inside of you, that is what you following. We should learn from others about their perspective, not by judging their beliefs, concepts or interpretations. Acknowledge that their passion may not be aligned with yours. The Tarot is inside us all..those little silly cards bring us together. We should disagree at times, laugh,share, but ultimately learn and respect one another.