Podcast #47: Aquarianism and Art with David Palladini

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Podcast #47 is hosted by an awestruck Anastasia and an amazed Rose Red, celebrating World Tarot Day by speaking with David Palladini about The Aquarian Tarot, The New Palladini Tarot, art, passion, and life.  Click here to listen!

Many, many thanks to Michael Orlando Yaccarino of Orlando Tarot for connecting us to David for this podcast!

In this episode:

David PalladiniThe Aquarian TarotThe New Palladini TarotLloyd Morgan – Morgan PressPamela Colman SmithPratt InstituteTime MagazineStephen KingStuart KaplanUS GamesSadeVincent Van GoghSaint-Remy de ProvenceThe Louvre Museum, Paris /  Henri RousseauNew York Metropolitan Museum of Art /  Edgar DegasAlfred SisleyAndy WarholThe New York TimesChris Lowrance Illustration + Design

2 Responses to “Podcast #47: Aquarianism and Art with David Palladini”

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  2. I enjoyed this interview with David. And I had a nice talk with him about ART AND CREATIVITY at the library a while ago. As I am an artist/painter also and have that same passion that he spoke of. I have been an artist all my life, and find very few people who really understand this excitment about creating art!!! = IT WAS VERY FUN TO CHAT !!