Third Printing of Tarot of the Masters

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James Ricklef has announced the third printing of his Tarot of the Masters to be released in late June!  This will be a limited run of 100 copies, so if you want one, move quickly!

You can pre-order the deck by contacting James directly.  Pre-ordering means you receive it the instant it becomes available – no waiting!

And, if you pre-order the deck, James will give you $5.00 off the regular price!

If you haven’t seen this deck, you can check it out on James’ website here.

The Tarot of the Masters is a great deck – and you can take Rachel Pollack‘s word for it!

“Tarot of the Masters is my new favorite deck. Not only does the choice of art wonderfully fit the Rider-Waite-Smith images we all know, James Ricklef has smartly decided to redraw them in his own hand rather than simply collage them. The result is a unified deck with wonderful colors and exciting scenes. Because the paintings are themselves so interesting they add extra layers of story — and therefore meaning — to the classic cards.”

Remember, the new print run is only 100 copies, so if you want to add this wonderful deck to your collection, contact James!

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