Voyager Tarot Intensive – This Weekend!

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We’ve been so busy preparing for the Voyager Tarot Intensive this weekend, we almost forgot to share the preregistration special with you!

Use the code “pathways” at checkout, and receive $60.00 off the regular registration!

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll have two full days – and we do mean full! – with James as he guides you through the Voyager Tarot system. An energetic teacher, motivated by his passion for Tarot, James not only tells you about Tarot, he ensures that you experience the Tarot!

In addition to discussions about Tarot and the Voyager system, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to work with the cards, reading for yourself and others in the workshop, guided, encouraged, and inspired by James.

As a Seer, the dedicated learner in you has recognized and accepted the mantle as a ”way shower.” The Seer is a facilitator for other Seekers to find their way. It only takes a spark to illuminate and inspire another! In “seeing” for others, the Seer in you grows. Seeking never ends. Being an oracle for others is the Seer’s spiritual practice. A Seer, by virtue of sharing wisdom, prepares for evolving into the next stage of life.

Upon completion of this course, you will be a Seer, an oracle certified to read the Voyager Tarot. You will know how to interpret symbols and consult the cards for others as a tool for insight into relationships, work, money, health, and personal spiritual growth.

You can register online at Tarot Media Company, or by phone at 415.508.7323.

So that the session can be hands-on and focused, class size is strictly limited, and advance registration is required.

The class will be held from 10:00am to 5:30pm in San Francisco, California. Directions and details will be included in your registration confirmation.

The registration fee includes the workbook, lunch, and refreshments for both days. And remember to use the code “pathways” at checkout to receive $60.00 off the regular registration!

See you this weekend in San Francisco!

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