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In all the excitement of SF BATS, Voyager Tarot Intensives with James Wanless, the classes I’ve been teaching, and all the Tarot fun we’ve been having with San Francisco Tarot Cafe and Tarot House San Francisco, I forgot to share that the MAAT Tarot iPhone app is now available on the iTunes Store!

The MAAT Tarot is Julie Cuccia-Watt’s inspired re-interpretation of the Tarot, based on the lunar wheel of the year. The images are vibrant, intense, and symbolically rich. The correspondences of the cards with the lunar calendar create additional depth for interpretation. Cuccia-Watts captures the complexities and interwoven relationships of the cards and their archetypes in her detailed and dramatic images.

The application includes the full, high-resolution artwork and detailed text of the print MAAT deck, along with a range of spreads and supplemental information on the use of the MAAT Tarot.

Controls are available to create readings with the full range of cards, include or exclude reversed cards, or to create readings with just the Major Arcana, court cards, pip cards, or combinations.

Some screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

The splash screen:

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

Many choices for spreads – There are more spreads than just the ones in this screenshot!

Spread Chooser Screen

What will the cards say?

What Will The Cards Say?

And the cards say . . . .

And the cards say . . . .

Check it out on the iTunes Store and let us know what you think!  If you’re interested in doing a review, click here to send us a message and we’ll give you a reviewer code!

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