Review: The Witches’ Almanac Spring 2011 – Spring 2011

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The good folks at Weiser Books sent me The Witches’ Almanac Issue #30, just in time for the new calendar year – wonderful timing for a wonderful resource!

The Witches' Almanac 2011

The theme of this year’s Almanac is Stones and Powers of Earth – quite fitting in this Year of the Emperor.  The earth energies and groundedness associated with the Emperor are perfectly expressed in Stones and Powers of Earth.

The Almanac is the usual interesting and useful compendium of stories, articles, and information to keep one’s magical senses piqued throughout the year. Some of my favorite pieces include an article on cauldrons; an interview with Michael Howard, founder and editor of The Cauldron magazine; a poem about Circe written by Louise Gluck; and an article on Genius Loci (the Spirit of a place) by Shannon Marks.  There are many more pieces on all kinds of magical topics – the Hamsa (healing hand amulet), kitchen magic, and Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), and ideas and inspirations to keep your magical senses delighted throughout the year.

Being an Almanac, it of course has monthly calendars (set up by the Lunar month), with the phases of the Moon and special days (including birthdays of famous persons) marked each month.  Did you know that June 9 is Nat King Cole’s birthday?

The calendars also have suggestions for actions to keep in touch with Nature and magic – for example, on April 7, when the Moon enters Gemini, the Almanac encourages the reader to “Exercise your mind” – an excellent notion for the busy Gemini!  On October 10, we’re encouraged to “Try fire gazing”, and on December 8, the Almanac counsels “Watch your temper” – always a good idea!

And, of course, there are horoscopes for the coming year.  2011 sounds intriguing for us Aquarius types – travel, friends, new projects – I’m ready!

The Witches’ Almanac once again provides a valuable combination of information, entertainment, and ideas to make the new year fun and magical!

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