Hel’s Healing Spread

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This simple, yet powerful spread inspired by the image of Hel on the Two of Earth card from the amazing Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. Hel has shown up as my card of the day several times in the past few weeks, so I’ve spent some time meditating on Her image and message. This is the first of a few spreads I’ve come up with while working with Her.

Hel, Two of Earth - Dark Goddess Tarot

For each issue, draw the following cards:






1. The wound. What needs to be healed. This could be anything that is causing you pain, eithe recent or from long ago.

2. The past, dead things to be buried. What you need to let go of so you can heal.

3. Hel’s advice on how to heal the wound. It may not be easy, but healing is less painful than living with the wound.

4. The opportunity which arises as a result of your healing. Your new strength and confidence create new possibilities.

6. Hel’s advice on how to move forward with that opportunity. Healing releases emotional baggage and psychological burdens. You are lighter, freer, and have more energy to focus on what lies of you ahead.


Let me know how this spread works for you. I always appreciate hearing how people work with the cards!

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