Hel’s Opportunities and Options Spread

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This spread was inspired by the image of the goddess Hel on the Two of Earth card in Ellen Lorenzi-Prince‘s fantastic Dark Goddess Tarot, and the accompanying text.

Hel, Two of Earth - Dark Goddess Tarot

In Ellen’s words: “You have more than one task, more than one voice, more than one passion. You must make choices in your behavior, but do not deny this truth about your life.”

We have so many desires, dreams, and plans. We want to do so many things, but we can do only one thing at a time, and there are only 24 hours in a day. This spread gives you Hel’s assistance in making choices when you are overwhelmed by options, or if you are feeling stuck between a set of choices, all of which seem bad.

Have the client identify the various options for the choices they are facing. Lay a set of cards for each opportunity, and one additional set for an option which the client has not yet identified, but may become apparent in the reading, or in the near future.

If the client is unsure of what their options are, lay out at least two sets of cards and see if the client can identify what the options might be.

Bonus: use a different deck for each opportunity, and look for any repeating cards or similar cards landing in the same position.









1. The opportunity or option presented.

2. Your expectations about the option.

3. Others’ expectations about the option.

4. Worst case long-term scenario for how the option could turn out.

5. Best case long-term scenario for how the option could turn out.

6. How to cope with the worst case scenario.

7. What can be made real with this option.

8. How to move forward with the opportunity to reach the best case scenario.

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