Mystery Fortune Telling Deck

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A friend showed me this deck. She found it in the home of an elderly relative who has gone to the Great Reading Room in the Sky.

It’s in a plain brown box, with no printer, publisher, or author attribution anywhere.

There are 52 cards. Each card has two fortunes on it, as well as a number between 0 and 39 that perhaps corresponded to a further fortune in a companion book. There are some numbers that have two cards (one red and one black), and other numbers have only one card.


I originally thought there might be a Lenormand connection, but the cards and the fortunes don’t correlate to Lenormand, and the numbering goes to 39, 3 more than the traditional Lenormand deck.

I haven’t found anything using web image search. If you have any ideas about what it might be, I’d love to hear them!


UPDATED July 25, 2015: The fabulous Marcia McCord recognized the deck as one she owns. It’s the 1919 Revelations Fortune Telling Card Deck, printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Thank you, Marcia!



IMG_1873 IMG_1876

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