Draw for February 13, 2016

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Draw Feb 13 2016 Hela Gar Hevring

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera


Today’s Draw: Hela/Death; Gar; Hevring/Four of Cups.

Life is real, and life is earnest. So is Death.

Yes, the Universe is requiring you to release many things from your life–people, objects, patterns of behavior, mental and emotional habits, and all those other things which are holding you back from living an authentic life. Hela is implacable, and when She says it is time, it is time. Resisting, denying, or ignoring Her does not help, and will only make things more complicated down the road. Let it all go.

Hevring says you must take the time to mourn the losses. Even though the changes are for the better, and the improvements will delight and astonish you, you are still giving up things which hold meaning for you (whether positive or negative), and you need to formally and fully acknowledge all that you are letting go.

Gar offers the encouragement you need to cut these ties and make the changes, helping you turn intellectual understanding to emotional acceptance and practical action. Gar is seen by some as Yggdrasil, by some as the infinite void of Ginnungagap, and by others as Gungnir, Odin’s spear. However you see it, it holds power and potential. While you are not in control of anything except yourself and your responses to events, know that things are happening behind the scenes that you will be made aware of when you are ready to take those steps.

You can do much, once you get out of your own way.

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