Draw for February 22, 2016

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Draw Feb 23 2016 Billing Ziu Bestla

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Billing/King of Coins; Ziu; Bestla/Ten of Coins.

Billing bids you welcome to Monday, and has a list of all those worldly responsibilities which have been waiting their turn (patiently or otherwise). It seems long, but Billing reminds you that, with yesterday’s quiet time off, you are recharged and ready to meet the day. One thing at a time, the tasks will get done.

Ziu brings the flash of inspiration and power you need to jump start the day—and yourself. Channeling the energies of Tyr, Zisa, and Zeus, you have a lot going for you. Make good use of it! Be wise and focus the power into a productive channel. Don’t just rage around and cause a storm.

Bestla reminds you that, even with all of this high-level authority and responsibility, you are still mortal and must tend to your human needs. Take breaks to move, drink water, remember to eat properly (a sandwich at your desk, or a fast food burger between shifts, is not what She has in mind), and pay attention to what your body needs to be well, so that you are in prime condition to deal with the energies flowing through you, and the various types of work you are doing. Keep in mind that She is the mother of Odin, and if She can make Him stop and eat, you might as well just cooperate. Accept Her nurturing, and thank Her for teaching you to care for yourself.

The Moon is also in Virgo today, a practical, earthy sign of physical and material concerns. The cosmos is making it completely clear—today is about taking care of things on the earthly plane.

Today can be a positive and productive day on many levels. Take care of yourself so you can take care of business, and then take the evening for yourself.

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