Draw for February 25, 2016

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Draw Feb 25 2016 Kari Chalc-r Mimir

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Kari/Ace of Swords; Chalc, reversed; Mimir/The Hanged Man.

Chalc, the chalice of emotions, is overturned. The cup is empty. Whatever emotional storms have been occurring have cleared themselves. There may be a lot of clean up to do, but the drama is over (for now, at least).

Kari tells you that you must use your intellect today. Use the sharp sword of clear thinking and wise reason to navigate the day. Look at your day, your work, your life with calm onjectivity. What is truly important? What are your real priorities today? Cut away anything that is not essential. Today you must focus on what is truly important, not simply what is urgent. If you’re not sure where to start, there is all that clean up from the emotional storms earlier this week.

Mimir reinforces Kari’s message. This is not a day for grand gestures or sweeping statements. You may find that there is actually very little you can do today to deal with things in the big picture. Focus on what you can do. Kari has already helped you update your to-do list and clear away what is not necessary. Mimir counsels taking the actions you can, and leaving the rest to happen in good time.

If you can’t move to a new house you like better, clean the one you are in. Tidy up, rearrange the furniture, paint a wall, change the pictures you have up. This applies to your metaphysical house as well, not just your dwelling place here on this planet.

If you can’t do a large thing, do a small thing, and do it with intention.

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