Draw for February 29, 2016

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Draw Feb 29 2016 Bylgja Hagalaz Svipdag

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Bylgja/Three of Cups; Hagalaz; Svipdag/Knight of Cups.

Today is all about your emotional state. Hagalaz is going to bring up emotions you may not want to deal with, but you have been repressing or ignoring for so long, there’s no containing them any more. This upwelling of energies may (actually, very likely will) disrupt your day. Be patient with yourself and the energies. Let yourself feel the emotions, acknowledge them, process them, and recover. You aren’t going to be able to focus on your work until you deal with these energies, so just sit down with yourself and let your heart speak openly. You can’t stop the tide, so don’t try.

Bylga, the Wave Rider, encourages you to use the emotional tides to make needed changes in your life. Whether that’s rearranging the furniture, finding a new job, or exiting a toxic situation, the change is overdue, and there is no reason to wait another day to start making that change. The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; the second-best time is now.

Svipdag reminds you to operate from a place of love. Truly loving yourself and treating yourself with the kindness you show to the ones you love will make a huge difference in your attitude and behaviors. Treating those around you with love and kindness will make a difference in their attitude and behaviors. Yes, even the rude person on the bus who cut in front of  you to grab the last seat—send them some kindness and a blessing. It helps you, and may help them. At the very least, it’s a good practice for your soul, and it does them no harm.

Acknowledge, bless, release, and move forward.

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