Draw for March 1, 2016

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Draw March 1 2016 Sunna Erda Jord

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Sunna/The Sun; Erda; Jord/Queen of Coins.

After yesterday’s strong emotions, today’s energies are grounded in practical, earthy matters and the realm of the mind and creativity.

Sunna gives you light to see things clearly—your situation, other people, and your own self. Go high to see the Big Picture. It’s easy to become so bogged down in the moment that you forget what your long-term goals are. Take today to remind yourself of them, and revise your plans—or your goals—as needed.

Jord represents the Earth Mother, also known as Erda. Erda just happens to be today’s rune. Jord and Erda encourage you to focus on the abundance around you, as well as the future abundance you are creating through your work today. You may have resources you have overlooked, or not made full use of, and today is a good day to bring those into play.

Erda is an Othala shape with tails added at each side. The tails encourage you to reach out to the greater world, solidly grounded in the foundation of your inheritance in all its forms.

Be grounded in yourself so your Self can fly high.

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