Draw for March 2, 2016

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Draw March 2 2016 Mengloth Isa Ran

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Mengloth/Page of Cups; Isa; Ran/Queen of Cups.

More water, more emotions. Ran is going to raise the emotional tides again today, so be prepared for waves of emotions sneaking up out of nowhere.

Isa tells you to set strong boundaries to give yourself space for dealing with the energies so Mengloth can help you heal. Feel the emotions, heal the emotions, and be real with your emotions.

Isa also helps you set strong boundaries so you don’t take things out on others around you. Be aware of your energies and their effects on others, and practice consideration—everyone else is dealing with their intense emotions today, too. Let’s all cut each other a lot of slack, and manage our expectations accordingly.

This ties in nicely with today’s poem for Hela. Be kind to yourself, and those around you.

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