Draw for March 3, 2016

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Draw March 3 2016 Kolga Mannaz-r Mengloth

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Kolga/Six of  Cups; Mannaz, reversed; Mengloth/Page of Cups.

Yesterday’s emotional tides have receded somewhat, but you are not done yet. Whereas Ran brought up a rush of strong emotions, Kolga brings them out gradually, thawing them out of where they have been frozen in memory. The slow reveal doesn’t necessarily make them any less intense to deal with, so Mengloth returns as today’s Hidden Influence to help with healing.

Mannaz, the rune of the Self, is reversed. First, it’s telling you that you may feel unlike yourself, disconnected or dissociated from yourself, while you are sorting out all of this emotional history. Second, it’s warning you that this disconnection may cause you to be distracted or withdrawn, and thus not as aware of protecting your boundaries as you usually are.

With the extra vulnerability created by these emotional floods, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of your boundaries. If you can withdraw today and sort things out in solitude, do so. If not, take extra care with setting your energies, and call on additional resources (talismans, aromatherapy, or other personal practice) to reinforce your boundaries if you must engage with difficult people today.

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