Draw for March 4, 2016

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Draw March 4 Bergelmir Raido-r Loki Angrboda Sigyn

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Bergelmir/Six of Swords; Raido, reversed; Loki, Angrboda & Sigyn/The Lovers.

Oh, look. More emotional energies. Bergelmir’s calm, intellectual response to the threat of the flood saved the race of Frost Giants, as well as the human race. Your issues may not be quite on that level, but they are significant and need to be addressed through thoughtful action. Use your intelligence to create a ship to float on the emotional tides, rather than be drowned in them.

Raido is reversed, indicating blocked movement. Step back and view the situation from a higher level (say, the mountain top, rather than in the valley). Use the perspective shift to identify obstacles and devise plans to remove them or work around them.

The Lovers card shows Loki with this two very different wives in a moment of stability. While the card indicates the need for making choices, it’s not an either/or situation. If both options are important to you, find a way to make the choice for both/and. Your higher view perspective will give you new ideas for making the choices work well for you and others involved.

Be prepared for the additional work and energy required to make the both/and choice viable. In order to have y0ur cake and eat it as well, you must bake two cakes. Allow for the extra time and effort, and remember that it’s easier to bake two cakes at the same time, and wash the dishes only once.

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