Joseph Martin’s Celtic Cross DVD

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The ever-fabulous Joseph Ernest Martin, creator of the Quest Tarot, has created a DVD on the Celtic Cross spread which is sparkly, entertaining, and informative (just like Joseph!).  You can see a preview of it and purchase it directly from Joseph’s website.

I’ve watched it twice, and enjoyed it very much!  If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking a class with Joseph, this is a great way to become acquainted with him.  If you have been in one of Joseph’s workshops, you know how much fun you’re going to have while learning his approach to reading.

The DVD starts from the beginning of a reading, with Joseph outlining how to prepare yourself and your space, clearing your deck, shuffling the cards, and laying them out to start the reading.  Joseph recommends using a second deck of major arcana only to devise two significators for the client – what he terms the “seen” and “unseen” significators.  Even if you don’t usually work with significators, it’s interesting to add this step to a reading to see how the cards tie in and add dimension to the reading. And, by using a second deck, you don’t lose the use of those cards in the reading.

Joseph then does a couple of example readings, explaining the positions of the Celtic Cross spread and the interactions of the cards relative to their positions in the spread.  He also discussees two ways to determine the time element in a reading, even down to the hour of a particular card’s influence.

Joseph also talks about card combinations within the spread, specifically in subgroups – he divides them as cards 1 – 4; cards 5, 6, and 10; cards 7 – 9; and, the significators.  Looking at the relationship of the cards in these subgroups adds another dimension of meaning to the reading.

Joseph is always encouraging and focusing on the positive in his workshops, and he’s equally so on his DVD.  He reminds the viewer that nothing about a reading is carved in stone, regardless of what the cards seem to indicate, stating his philosophy that “We are self-determined, not predetermined.”

In addition to creating all of the material on the DVD, Joseph also did the editing, which includes some very splashy visual effects! The graphics help to emphasize the points Joseph makes during the narrative, and are also great fun to watch.  Joseph’s attention to detail and passion for perfection really come through on so many levels on this project.

This is a great DVD for any Tarot reader, whether beginner or advanced, and will give you a new appreciation for the power and usability of the Celtic Cross spread – and for Joseph!

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