Pagan Tarot Review [Rose Red]

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Pagan Tarot

Gina M. Pace

Lo Scarabeo Publishing

A friend of mine who has been looking for a deck recently found the Pagan Tarot. She had tried other decks but this one jumped out at her. She wanted to share it with me and thought it would be a great deck to review for Tarot Pathways.

It is a Lo Scarabeo deck so every card has a border with the title of the card in 4 languages, one version in each corner of the card. The focus of the art in this deck is on learning and becoming a member of a Wiccan Coven. The Major Arcana follows a young woman on her path to gaining understanding and enlightenment through her Wicca studies and Coven members. The Minor Arcana focus on the trials and tribulations the young witch faces in her daily life. Each card shows how the different symbols set the scene for her and help her deal with the situations shown.

I looked at this deck as a good way to show how one might incorporate the dealings of one’s spirituality into one’s daily life. It is focused on Wicca specifically but can be used by any reader. I enjoyed how the artist focused on single individual throughout the deck to tell the story of one woman’s spiritual journey. It gives a new view on the “Fool’s Journey” as seen in other decks.

The special edition set includes a satin bag and book which discusses the cards and their meanings. It also includes a few spreads such as the Short and Sweet Pentagram Spread (5 cards) and the Wiccan Cross which is a 20 card spread.

It is a deck readers can use to connect Tarot and their Wicca studies.

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