Where Have We Been?

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Well, let’s see – there was the fabulous Readers Studio, and then some podcast rec0rdings (watch for those soon!), and then two weekends of reading Tarot at the Valhalla Renaissance Faire, and a bunch of private readings and parties – and suddenly it’s June, and I haven’t posted in three weeks!  So, in very short form, here’s what’s happened:

New Tarot Media Company projects scheduled for release this year:

iPhone application with Alexandra Genetti featuring her Wheel of Change Tarot (oooh!)

iPhone application with Julie Cuccia-Watts and her MAAT Tarot (aaaah!)

iPhone application with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and her Tarot of the Crone (wow!)

A second DVD with James Wanless (hurrah!)

And – already up and running – Rachel Pollack‘s new website featuring tales and readings from Dr. Apollo’s School of Cheap Theatrical Fortune Tellling!

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