Tarot Class with James Ricklef on June 28, 2009!

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A great new Tarot class with the gifted James Ricklef!

When doing Tarot readings, it is common to deal a “good” card into a problematic spread position (i.e., “Your challenges” or “What is blocking you” etc.) … and vice versa. Making sense of this situation is a tough challenge for many Tarot readers, so this workshop will lead you through some exercises that will show you how to see the good side of “bad” cards and the bad side of “good” cards.

Then, as an added bonus, we will also explore a relationship healing exercise. You will use what you learned about the good side of “bad” cards to find the good side of “bad” people.

Since we will be doing hands-on exercises with the Tarot, bring your favorite Tarot deck. And prepare yourself to be surprised by what you find in cards that you thought you already knew all about.

This workshop will last about two hours and will be on Sunday, June 28 from 4PM — 6PM at James’ home in Studio City, CA. The cost is $25 per person.You can contact James directly to send your resume! to reserve your place – and then add a comment to share your experience of the class!

2 Responses to “Tarot Class with James Ricklef on June 28, 2009!”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Anastasia!

    By the way — No resume is required to take the workshop, but it’s best if you aren’t a novice. 😀

    Bright Blessings,
    James Ricklef

  2. You’re welcome, James! I wish I were going to be in LA next weekend! Perhaps sometime you might consider presenting it when you schedule a visit to San Francisco?