Friday at TABI 2008

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24 hours and 6,000+ miles after waking up on Thursday, I arrived at the Webbington Hotel for the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) conference.  Car, plane, train, another train, and a cab to the hotel, and I was there!  (The taxi was driven by Mark, one of the nicest taxi drivers I’ve ever met – if you’re going Weston-Super-Mare and need a taxi, drop me a note and I’ll send you his number.)  The hotel was delightful, a perfect English country inn – half timbered exterior, antique filled interior, and a shower boost in the bath.

I checked in, unpacked, and wandered down for arrival tea to see who else had arrived.  A pleasant bit of time socializing, a quick shower to refresh mind and body, and off to a lovely dinner.  Much talk of Tarot and travel (this year’s Long Distance Award went to Annie, who came in from Australia), and then off for drinks and socializing.

The hotel had provided a singer for our entertainment, a charming man with a pleasing voice whose name has evaporated out of my brain.  (I blame the jet lag!)  His repertoire covered several decades, and he had us singing along on some of the tunes over our cocktails.  “King of the Road“, anyone?

I had intended to go to bed early in order to be rested for the workshops on Saturday. I ended up chatting until 10:30, when time and distance finally caught up with me, and I put myself to bed with extreme gratitude for soft sheets and fluffy pillows.

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