Saturday at TABI 2008

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After nine hours of sleep, I was feeling more or less human, and meandered down to breakfast.  The hotel restaurant had set aside some tables for us, so we were able to eat in groups of eight, which was fun.  Food, coffee, and good conversation perked me up considerably, so then back to the room to assemble myself for the day.

The first session was “Tarot and Dream Interpretation” with Mick Frankel.  I always enjoy Mick’s workshops – he’s fabulously intelligent, incredibly well-read, and does a great job at presenting intricate concepts in a way that even someone who is completely unfamiliar is able to understand them.  (You can read about his workshop on Tarot and I Ching at last year’s TABI conference here.)  Mick explained the importance of really listening when a client is narrating their dream, and gave us various techniques for analyzing the dream symbols and relating them to Tarot cards to give more insight.

He gave us a handout with some correlations on it – for example, if someone dreams of flying, then a correspondence might be found in one of the swords cards.  If someone dreams of swimming, or of being near a body of water, then look to the suit of cups for correspondences.  Trump cards usually describe the theme of the dream, and the minor arcana cards relate to the symbols and actions.  Unless, of course, one of your symbols is obviously a trump – you dream of going to see a priestess, then you’re probably going to use the High Priestess card to represent that symbol instead of a minor card.

Mick walked us through interpretation of a couple of dreams he’d had, and then asked someone to volunteer a dream of theirs.  Mary Collin and Maggie both offered dreams to the group, and we had a wonderful time discussing the various interpretations and possible meanings of the dream symbols.  As each of them described their dreams, everyone started pulling cards which they thought were a match to the dream symbols and actions.  With so many people pulling from so many decks, it provided a rich array of interpretations.

A lovely lunch, and then back to a “Journey Into a Card” workshop with Emma-Sunerton Burl and Semele Xerri.  They chose the Sun card from Crowley’s Thoth deck.  They gave us some information about the card and Crowley’s attributions.  Emma then led us on a guided meditation through the card, which was interesting and fun.  After the meditation, we used the pastels and art paper provided to sketch our journeys.  We then paired up and talked about our journeys with our partner.  We were able to use some of our newly acquired dream interpretation skills from Mick’s workshop for additional insight into the journeys.

A break for tea and coffee – and shopping all the wonderful goodies at the TABI shop!  And then back for a session with Juliet Sharman Burke.  Juliet talked about working with clients and then did a reading for Julie to demonstrate.  She used the Mythic Tarot, which is always wonderful to work with.  Her methods for reading and interpreting the cards while engaging the client were very useful, and everyone agreed that they had acquired new ideas about working with clients.

We then had some down time to relax, rest – and shop!  I treated myself to a garnet and hematite piece that’s quite fun – it’s a long string of beads which are magnetized, so it can be worn in many different ways. Now I truly am magnetic!

Another delicious meal, seasoned with excited talk about Tarot and everything, and the evening rolled along pleasantly. The charming Elizabeth Hazel graced us with her piano playing and singing – two vintage blues songs, a Greg Allman tune, a self-described “lounge lizard” cover of Pink Floyd, and a melodic interpretation of a Led Zeppelin song – what a repertoire!  We then adjourned to the conference room for drinks and conversation late into the night.

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