Podcast 43: Sue Wilhite, Templates, and Archetypes

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Podcast #43 is hosted by Anastasia and Rose Red, enjoying a lively conversation with Sue Wilhite about her interesting and useful book, 21 Templates That Run Your World, her classes, her publishing guide, and the many, many interesting projects she’s working on.  Click here to listen!

In this episode:

Sue Wilhite / 21 Templates That Run Your World / James Wanless / Nina Amir / Voyager Tarot / Experiential Tarot Ning / The Publishing Navigator / East West Bookstore

2 Responses to “Podcast 43: Sue Wilhite, Templates, and Archetypes”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast. The second half more than the first, I have to admit. It would have been nice if the listener could figure out how Sue arrived at her conclusions re the cards. She indicated channeling, but the reader would not be privy to that. She said see was from SF. Does she hold forth somewhere close to San Carlos? ~ I’ll check out her book. ~ By the way, is Artemis still involved? I enjoyed meeting him in RS08, (you too) If so, give him my best. ~~ BTW, I have an ongoing Tarot class on Monday nights in San Carlos; lecture, discussion and spreads. Right now, working with Cynthia Tedesco’s Eternal Time Spread. ~
    Keep the Faith, you are are bright light in the Bay Area. ~David

  2. Dear David – Thank you for the comments! Sue teaches classes around the Bay Area. You can see her schedule on her website at http://www.PositvelySuccess.com. We also include her classes on our website calendar.

    Artemis is still part of TTG, just very busy with his day job, so we don’t see him as much as we’d like.

    Send me a direct email with details of your class – we’ll add it to the calendar!

    Thank you for your kind words; your opinion means a lot to me. I’m so glad we met!