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I haven’t read Mosse’s prior novel, Labyrinth – although now I very much want to!

In Sepulchre, Mosse centers the story on a fictional Tarot deck which affects the lives of Leonie, a young girl living in Paris in 1891, and Meredith, a 21st century American woman.  Each is surrounded by family, friends, and strangers – and it’s not easy to know who to trust, who is telling the truth – or even what the truth is.

The story starts in Paris and moves to the countryside – Rennes-Le-Chateau.  (No, I haven’t read or seen The Da Vinci Code – I’m probably one of three people in the Western Hemisphere who hasn’t.)  For those who are familiar with the legends (or who are convinced of their historical veracity), the region is thought by some to have connections with Mary Magdalene, the descendants of Jesus, and all kinds of conspiracies. Much of this features in Sepulchre, but Mosse’s book is historical fiction and is not presented as fact.

The Tarot deck at the center of the story is a figment of Mosse’s imagination, and does not actually exist. However, I think a Tarot deck based on this period in France would be fabulous!  (If you’re interested in doing one, contact me.)

Mosse does not claim to be a Tarot expert, and she acknowledges in her end notes the individuals who provided her with Tarot information and prepared the reading at the center of the book.

The book is an interesting read, well-written, and a substantial 565 pages – perfect for a three day weekend.

For a plot and character summary, you can see the books’ site at http://www.sepulchre.co.uk.

Tarot, demons, Visigoths, Mary Magdalene, fin-de-siecle France, and modern day international romance – really, what’s not to like?

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