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It’s been a busy few weeks, what with the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium, the first meeting of Tarot House San Francisco, and the usual semi-monthly meetings of the San Francisco Tarot Cafe!  I have so much to catch up on, so let’s start with something fun – new decks!

I rarely buy decks any more – I have so many already (some of them still in shrink wrap, I must admit) and I don’t think it’s quite right to bring home new toys when I haven’t played with all the ones I have yet!  However, a few have leapt into my hands or followed me home, and how can I resist when they blink up at me with such big eyes?

In reverse chron order, here’s the first deck – a miniature reproduction of the Minchiate Tarot, done by Il Meneghello.  One of a limited run of 2,000 copies, it’s presented in a book-like cover which ties closed with ribbons – much nicer than a plain box!

Miniature Reproduction Minchiate Tarot, Il Meneghello

Miniature Reproduction Minchiate Tarot, Il Meneghello

The back is equally gorgeous.

Back cover

Back Cover of the Minchiate Miniature Reproduction, Il Meneghello

The whole set:

The Miniature Minchiate Reproduction Set, Il Meneghello

The Miniature Minchiate Reproduction Set, Il Meneghello

I love working with Brian Williams’ updated version of the Minchiate – it’s beautiful, and has all kinds of extra cards to make the readings more interesting.  It’s an especially good deck to read for someone who knows the Tarot – the additional 18 cards provide a fresh look at the rest of the deck.

Working with this reproduction set, I love the vividness of the card colors (the updated version is more pastel), and I love a good woodcut as much as anyone.  The one thing I appreciate more about the updated version done by Williams is that he clarified some of the images which are hard to discern in the original.  (Is that a dog or a hippopotamus on that card?)

Both the reproduction and the updated version are great to work with, and shake me out of reading complacency because of the unusual images and additional ideas presented in the extra cards.

4 Responses to “New Decks!”

  1. Hello,

    please tell me if you know where I can find and buy this tarot cards. I´ve searched on the Internet but could only find one set that was already sold. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Emma – You can check withe Fields Book Store in San Francisco. They may have one left. This particular deck is out of print, but Fields can try to find one for you if they’ve sold their last one.


  3. Hello !
    You can find all the Tarots or decks of Il Meneghello on this great website:
    I’m a French collector of old Tarots for a long time and I am used to buy mine on this website. It’s in the Republic of St Martin in Italy, maybe a liitle too far for you…? But I know, Argeo, the very kind owner of the shop, is used to deliver everywhere.
    You can find this absolutely beautiful deck by typing “Minchiate Fiorentine” in the seach window.
    Best regards

  4. Hi, Philippe – Many thanks for the information! Always nice to have another source for hard-to-find decks!