Daily Draw for August 31, 2015

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Draw August 31 2015

Today we have the rune Ansuz, along with Fenris/The Devil, and the Hidden Influence of Suttung/Six of Coins (cards from The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera). Pay attention! Your demons have something to say that you need to hear, and they may choose unexpected messengers. Do not discount the message because the bearer is not a channel  you are used to heeding.

You might not realize what is going on behind the scenes. See that snake in the lower right corner of Suttung’s card? That’s Odin, making His way into Suttung’s treasure hold to take what was not freely offered. Be aware of your resources and make good decisions about how to use them–including sharing. Be generous and hospitable, but not to the point of pain. Trust in the Gods, but tie your ship.


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