Daily Draw for September 4, 2015

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Draw Sept 4 2015


Today we have the Nine Maidens of the Mill/Nine of Coins and the Rune Algiz, with Unn/Eight of Cups as the Hidden Influence.

Set and maintain strong boundaries around your time today. You have much to do, and there are many interruptions and distractions which can pull you away from your work. Close your door, set a timer, turn off your phone–whatever it takes to create the space you need to do your work.

This isn’t just drudgery, though. Unn, the Undine of Time, looks up and down the Threads, and reminds us to do so as well. Focus on your earthly work, so that you clear time and space for your spiritual work. Work consciously as well as conscientiously. Make good choices about your time, so that your mundane duties do not consume the time you need for your creative process and spiritual practice.

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