Bindrune for Starting a Project

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If you are new to working with bindrunes, I suggest you read the introductory bindrune post here, then return to this post to read about this specific bindrune.

You want to do a Specific Something. You make A Plan. And yet, somehow, it doesn’t quite happen, because you don’t start it. This week’s bindrune helps you to focus your energy and intentions to put them into action.

Yr, Uruz, Dagaz

Yr, Uruz, Dagaz

Uruz (brown): The primal energy of the wild aurochs kicks you into action. Once you have decided your goal,  you need to do something to make it happen. Uruz gives you the energy to jump in with abundant enthusiasm and joyous vigor.

Yr (green): The Rune of the Archer infuses you with focus to collect your thoughts and energies. Like an archer focuses with intensity on their target, you intensely focus  your thoughts on your plan and outcome, and focus your energy on useful activity. Yr keeps you on track when life, other people, or your own self-doubts try to derail your progress.

Dagaz (orange): This the rune of transformation and change. Dagaz keeps the prize in front of you, urging you along, reminding why you are undertaking this particular course of action, and encouraging you to persist and to fulfill  your vision.

The bindrune on the left was done in colored pencil. The one on the right was done with calligraphic marker. They are the same bindrune, shown in two different media to give an idea of how the same bindrune looks different depending on how it is created.

You could also put a drop of rosemary on the bindrune for clarity of purpose, or a drop of your favorite oil  on it to reinforce the energy with your personal scent.

It won’t happen if you don’t do it!

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