Bindrune for Intense Focus

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If you are new to working with bindrunes, I suggest you read the introductory bindrune post here, then return to this post to read about this specific bindrune.

You have Something You Need To Do. Something that requires deep focus and concentration. Turn off the internet connection, turn off your phone, create this bindrune, and get to work.

Bind Rune for Intense Focus

Bind Rune for Intense Focus

Isa (blue): The rune of ice, Isa forms a shiny, thick barrier to deflect energy away from you, sending it back to its source so you are impervious to outside energies and distractions.

Ior (green): The rune of the Midgard Serpent, Ior calls in the strong magic of Jormundgand in blocking external energies and keeping internal energies contained so they can be directed constructively.

Yr (brown): The rune of the archer and master artisan, Yr brings in the intense focus required to complete the work and hit the target. This is the absolute attention of mind, body, and being necessary for creation and completion.

The bindrune on the left shows Ior backing Isa, creating a solid barrier to block anything that is not deflected by Isa. Yr sits behind them, sheltered and protected, able to work its magic.

The bindrune center and and right has a slightly different arrangement–Isa and Ior form boundaries on both sides of Yr to visually reinforce their magical functions of setting and enforcing limits.

Both versions draw on the energies of the three runes; the second depiction of the bind rune can offer a subtle psychological boost with the direct representation of the boundaries in place on either side of Yr. Work with whichever version appeals to you, or, make both and see which one resonates more deeply for you.

The bindrunes on the left and in the center were done in colored pencil. The one on the right was done with Sharpie fine point markers. They are shown in two different media to give an idea of how the same bindrune looks different depending on how it is created.

You could also put a drop of rosemary on the bindrune to clear the space and create mental focus, or a drop of your favorite oil  on it to reinforce the energy with your personal scent.

Focus your will to finish your work!

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