Draw for January 5, 2016

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Draw Jan 5 2016 Jord Fyruedal Gar Ran

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Jord/Queen of Coins; Fyruedal and Gar; Ran/Queen of Cups.

As I was shuffling this morning, I realized it had been a while since I reset the deck. So I took a few minutes to sort and re-shuffle it to completely reset the order of the cards.

And today’s reading is a mirror of yesterday’s. Same two cards, just switched positions.


Make of that what you will. To me, it says that yesterday’s energy is carrying over to today, and to use our physical focus to help manage our emotional energies.

Whereas yesterday we had Eihwaz to help us channel energy, today we have Fyruedal fanning the flames (in the most literal sense–it represents the bellows used to fan a fire) and igniting all kinds of energy and excitement. With Jord as the Active Influence, we have the ability to focus and put this energy to good use.

And look–Gar came out of the basket along with Fyruedal. Odin says, “Hello!” And you probably want to greet Him. And thank Him for the energies He brings. And be open to the mystery, to sudden, unexpected, and very likely radical turns of events and possibilities appearing to do.

A lot can happen, and probably will. Stay grounded in your body to help ground your emotions, and leap at the opportunities which arise.

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