Bindrune to Create Dramatic Change

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If you are new to working with bindrunes, I suggest you read the introductory bindrune post here, then return to this post to read about this specific bindrune.

Change can be a slow, organic process, giving us time to experience the shift internally as well as externally in real time.

And sometimes, things are painfully stuck, and you need to shake things up and create radical change. This rune can help you do that, but you must be prepared to engage and effectively manage the intense energies. This combination burns with light, heat, and fire energy, and you need to be careful when playing with fire. This is not a good bindrune for beginners.

Bind Rune to Create Dramatic Change

Bind Rune to Create Dramatic Change

The rune tiles show the individual runes which create the bindrune. From left to right: Sowelu, Cweorth, and Dagaz.

Sowelu brings the light and heat of the sun, as well as the lightning strike of destruction which leads to regeneration. Sowelu contains healing energy, which you can channel into creating the new situation as an improvement over current circumstances. This rune carries some of the energies of the Tower card from the Tarot, so understand what you are dealing with when you use it. This rune is often associated with Loki (a fire giant) and His father Farbauti (also fire giant, and wielder of lightning). Remember that Loki is a Trickster, and Farbauti is also known as the Cruel Striker. Set very clear intentions for the highest good of all when you add this rune.

Cweorth is the rune of the funeral pyre. Throw everything onto the bier, light it, and walk away. The wildness of this rune is not something to invoke until you are adept at managing intense energies. I know I keep saying that in regards to this bindrune, but really–Cweorth calls forth incredible amounts of intense energy, and you need to be prepared for that, or it will knock you off your feet and burn everything, not just what you offer to it. As the rune of cremation, it is linked to Hela, so be sure you are prepared to deal with what She will ask of you in return for this rune.

Dagaz is the rune of transformation, the moment of change. Dagaz offers protection and focus. Think of it as a funnel that channels the energies of the bindrune to your desired result, as well as creating a barrier to keep out unwanted influences. Loki is also associated with this rune, and the Trickster will take you at your word–so again, state your intentions quite clearly, and for the highest good of all.

This rune was done in colored pencil. I tried using my calligraphy markers, but the color combinations went muddy due to mixing, so I stuck with the colored pencils for this one.

You could also put a drop of cinnamon or clove oil to add some fiery energy to further move things along, or a drop of your favorite oil  on it to reinforce the energy with your personal scent. You can also use a magical oil, such as a hoodoo oil like Algiers Oil, or other type of specially prepared oil.

This rune can be quite effective, but be warned that the changes may manifest in ways you don’t expect or necessarily desire. When you create this rune, it is critical that you focus on the desired outcome in specific detail. An undefined or poorly defined outcome may simply bring you new problems to replace the old problems, and that’s not what you want to create for yourself.


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