Draw for February 5, 2016

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Draw Feb 5 2016 Narvi and Vali Sowelu Thjassi

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Narvi & Vali/Ten of Swords; Sowelu; Thjassi/Three of Swords.

If yesterday’s draw wasn’t sufficiently challenging for you, today’s draw offers plenty to work with.

Treachery is in the air. Someone else’s, or your own, or both. If you are thinking of trying to get away with something today, stop right now. You may win in the short term, but the long term price is going to be much higher than you want to pay.

In your dealings with others today, pay attention if something feels off. Notice–and heed–red flags. If it feels like they don’t have your best interests at heart, do not proceed. Withdraw to safety, and take care of yourself. Thjassi tells you that this is not the day to press forward, and consequences be damned.

Sowelu returns from yesterday’s draw, bringing sunlight to illuminate what is hidden. Call upon Sowelu to help you see clearly, and to find the truth of the situation.

Sowelu also brings healing energy to help you cope with all of this mental turmoil and strife. Disengage from people and situations which can bring you harm. Today is a good day to focus on your own internal processes and to engage in genuine self-care. Those people and situations may not disappear entirely or right away; Sowelu helps you strengthen yourself to deal with them from a position of strength and awareness when you next meet with them.

Strategic retreat averts painful defeat.

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