Draw for January 15, 2016

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Draw Jan 15 2016 Hrungnir Inguz Fenris

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Hrungnir/Seven of ands; Inguz; Fenris/The Devil.

Today will be many things, but jolly is not one of them. You have some serious issues to confront, and some very real problems to solve. Your frustration over the fact that some (or many, or most) of the problems are self-inflicted isn’t helpful. Admit that fact, and move on. If you try to deny it, or assign responsibility elsewhere, you will not make any progress.

Inguz brings the light and healing energy you need for today. Draw on Freyr’s energy of sacrifice and renewal to find real solutions to the very real problems you are dealing with.

Sacrificei is the key word here. What do you need to give up to move forward? A limiting belief, negative self-talk, a comforting yet destructive behavior? Whatever it is, let it go. It doesn’t help, even if it feels comforting and comfortable. It’s time–past time, actually–to release it and move on.

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