Bindrunes to Create Change–Fast or Gradual

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If you are new to working with bindrunes, I suggest you read the introductory bindrune post here, then return to this post to read about this specific bindrune.

We’re almost two weeks into the new calendar year, and this is the time where people start losing interest in their resolutions. The bindrune below focuses energy to help you make a gradual change, which is what most new year’s resolutions require–steady effort over a period of time to establish a new pattern of behavior.

Bindrune to Create Gradual Change - Ear Dagaz

Bindrune to Create Gradual Change: Ear, Dagaz

Ear (brown) and Dagaz (orange) combine to create this rune. Ear is the rune of Hela, death, and the grave. Hela’s energy can make this a heavy bindrune to work with, so be sure you are comfortable with Her presence, and are prepared to deal with Her. Hela tolerates no nonsense, and if you invoke this energy to help shift things in yourself and your life, She expects you to follow through.

This is where old habits go to die, slowly eroding in the waves of new energy you bring in with your new behaviors. You have to let the old behaviors go completely, let them die out of  your repertoire, so you can redirect that energy into cultivating the new behaviors (making better choices about how you spend your time or money, making better choices about what you eat and when, how much you move your body, etc.).

Dagaz is the rune of the inflection point, that momentary point of transition between morning and afternoon, day and night, light and dark. That energy expands as you practice your new behaviors, and each time you choose the new over the old, Dagaz grows more vibrant and creates a virtuous cycle of healing energy.

Sometimes, though, you just need something to shift right now. Not next week, not in a month, not as the result of a process. Energy is stuck, and something has to give–and it’s not going to be your sanity.

Bind Rune to Create Fast Change - Sowelu Ior Dagaz

Bind Rune to Create Fast Change – Sowelu, Ior, Dagaz

A word of caution about this bindrune: Sowelu brings in the fiery energy of the sun, and just like the energy of the great star, it’s not always easily controlled. It will run where it wishes, and it will be as intense as it chooses to be. Dagaz, too, brings in the energy of transition, and, bolstered by Sowelu, can have unexpected results and unintended consequences. Ior sets boundaries and can help channel and direct these energies, so you want to draw Ior last to help lock down the energies of the other two runes.

Both bindrunes were done in colored pencil. I tried using my calligraphy markers, but the color combinations went muddy due to mixing, so I stuck with the colored pencils for these two.

You could also put a drop of lavender on the bindrune to clear your mind and calm your nerves as you go through these changes, or a drop of your favorite oil  on it to reinforce the energy with your personal scent.

And remember: be careful what you wish for–you might just get in, but not in the way you expect.

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