Draw for January 29, 2016

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Draw Jan 29 2016 Aurboda Isa Suttung

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Aurboda/Page of Wands; Isa; Suttung/Six of Coins.

Fire, ice, and earth are all active energies today. Remember to bring in air energy to keep things balanced.

Suttung grounds the reading with all of that earth energy–just look at those coins, rocks, and heavy throne. However, notice Odin in serpent form peering out from the rock. He sneaks past all of Suttung’s defenses, drinks the Mead of Poetry, and seduces Gunnlod, Suttung’s daughter. Don’t get so caught up in defending your material possessions that you lose track of what is truly important–and then lose what is truly important.

Aurboda brings in fiery Wands energy to help you deal with everything today. Whether your journey is physical or otherwise, be prepared for it, and it will go much better. Review your resources, check your packing list, whatever you need to do to prepare for this change must be done. Then spread your wings and fly. You can cover a lot of ground, and gain helpful knowledge, but only if you are well-prepared. Anything less will mean a more complicated process, possible delays, and the diminishment of the opportunity.

Isa appears to be the still center of the reading, but underneath the slick ice is moving water and constant energy. Think about how you can tap into that emotional energy to prepare for and make the most of your journey with Aurboda.

You have much to work with, and you can do much with it, if you are properly prepared.

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